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It’s Global Movie Day! Check Out These 5 Ways to Celebrate [+Bonus Must-See Movie List]

by Ann Ferguson

Watching movies is a pastime we all share, which helps connect us with shared fandoms and the like. And we can connect even more over our favorite flicks during Global Movie Day!

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences first established Global Movie Day before the 92nd Oscars in 2020. Now, on every second Saturday of February, we can get together and enjoy what we love about the cinematic world.

Of course, you can watch anything to participate, but there are other ways to make the most of it!

1. Create a Connection

4 women talking and laughing together on a couch

Enjoying the same movie is just one of the ways that we bond with our friends and family. But sitting down and discussing your favorite parts will enhance your bonding time. You can share which scenes really spoke to you or felt inspiring and see if someone else thought the same.

Of course, not everyone will feel the same about the movie. But that just makes discussing it even more fun. A little healthy debate goes a long way to cementing friendships and keeping your family connections alive.

2. Share with the World

Woman smiling at something on her phone

Whether it’s your favorite flick or something new you liked, a well-written movie or even a guilty pleasure watch will have endless quoting potential.

So, post your favorite movie lines that inspired you or made you feel like you were a part of the action on social media. You can even find memes or GIFs (or create some yourself) and keep the fandom going strong!

You’ll see how many other people love the movie as much as you do and maybe even inspire others to watch it for the first time!

3. Walking Down Memory Lane

Family watching movie on a projector screen

Is there a movie you loved but haven’t seen for years? Maybe an old childhood flick that you were blown away by?

With so many streaming platforms and other places to watch films, there’s no need to rely on your old memories. Instead, you can make new ones with your loved ones! Get your family together to watch the oldies but goodies, and watch it become their new favorite.

Your kiddos will love sharing something special with you and getting to see something different from what they usually watch!

4. Grab Your Jammies & the Popcorn — It’s Marathon Time!

Woman in PJ’s watching movies & eating popcorn

It’s time to get your marathon on! First, get as cozy as possible with comfy loungewear, and make sure you have plenty of snacks! Then make a list of what you plan to watch.

You can choose to marathon your all-time favorites like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and Marvel, or you can dive deep into your favorite genre. If you and your loved ones have seen the movies multiple times, you can even challenge yourselves to watch only the commentary versions and watch all the extra bits. You’ll feel like you were there!

But if you want to do something different, why not try watching something new? You might even find yourself falling in love with an entirely new fandom!

5. What’s on Your Watchlist?

No doubt you have more than one watchlist sitting there, staring at you as you re-watch the same thing again and again. So, what’s the harm in one more? Try making a list of the absolute must-watch movies you want to see by the end of the year.

And if you’re looking for some excellent recommendations, we have you covered. Check out this list of the top 10 movies from 2021!

1. A Quiet Place II (RT Score: 91%)

A riveting sequel, A Quiet Place II, shows us what happened that day the monsters arrived and just what happened to the outside world since. You’ll be gripping your seat as you cheer on the family’s journey through a turbulent future.

2. CODA (RT Score: 96%)

With solid representation and a heartfelt story, CODA shines as a movie you won’t want to miss. Follow the story of Ruby, a child of deaf adults, and her struggles balancing family ties and her dreams of a music career.

3. The Suicide Squad (RT Score: 90%)

The Suicide Squad, a long-awaited sequel, starts with a selection of supervillains being dropped off on a remote shore, and then utter mayhem ensues. Journey with a new assortment of oddball cons and see what chaos they can come up with.

4. The Velvet Underground (RT Score: 98%)

The world of rock n’ roll wouldn’t have been the same without the introduction of The Velvet Underground. Discover how the band came to be and how their sound changed the world. You’ll be amazed at this new approach to documentary film.

5. Raya & the Last Dragon (RT Score: 94%)

She’s no ordinary Disney princess — Raya and the Last Dragon follows the tale of a young warrior who is fiercely determined to find the last dragon and save Kumandra from the forces of evil. The skillful animation and excellent representations pair beautifully with this story of humanity and friendships. 

6. Dune (RT Score: 83%)

Don’t worry; this isn’t just yet another reboot of a classic. Dune (2021) hooks you in with incredible visuals and sound that transports you to this fantastical world in an entirely new way. Tune in and discover one man’s destiny and his quest to ensure the future of his family. 

7. Spider-Man: No Way Home (RT Score: 93%)

Even if you don’t follow the MCU, you’ll still be blown away by this latest installment in the cinematic universe. Spider-Man: No Way Home starts with where the last one ends off with leaking of Peter’s identity and his struggles balancing his life and his alter-ego.

8. Belfast (RT Score: 87%)

Winner of a Golden Globe for Best Screenplay, Belfast follows the story of a boy and his family in the troublesome time of the late 1960s. This intensely personal project of Kenneth Branagh is tragic yet uplifting and definitely worth the watch.

9. The Green Knight (RT Score: 89%)

A re-telling of the classic medieval tale, The Green Knight crafts an adventure you can’t help but want to watch. While the story may take a while to get going, the rich fantasy and incredible visuals create a fresh perspective on the Arthurian tale of legend.

10. Candyman (RT Score: 84%)

A sequel to its predecessor of the same name, Candyman, goes back to where the legend began deep in the heart of recently-gentrified Chicago. This thrilling approach expands the franchise and satisfies the need for terror.

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