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The Super Bowl & The Perfect Viewing Experience: Which TV Specs Do You Need?

by Ann Ferguson

The Super Bowl is just around the corner, but are you truly ready for the experience? We don't mean mentally, although depending on which teams are playing, that is a factor. No, we mean, is your TV viewing setup ready for kickoff?

From the ideal size to where you place it, we'll help you review the TV specs you need to prepare for game day!

Ideal Screen Size

Man cheers on football team in front of his little TV setup

Despite what you might think, bigger isn't always better when it comes to TV size. While the temptation is there to go for a massive 80- (or more) inch behemoth, you don't want your friends and family's necks straining as they watch the game on Super Bowl Sunday. But if your screen is too small, then not everyone will have a decent viewing angle.

So, instead, make sure to measure what will fit into your space and not just where you plan to put it. You need to think about the viewing distance! Regular HD TVs need a sitting distance 3x more than the screen's height. But for 4K TVs, you only need 1.5x the screen height, which means you can sit twice as close to a 4K TV!

Pro Tip: Use this viewing distance calculator so you can better understand the relationship between TV size and viewing distance for your home!

TV Resolution

Clear resolution picture of two football teams at the start line

For Super Bowl watching, a clear picture resolution is king. You want to be able to see every play and not have to wait for the replays to get an idea of what happened on the field. To that end, you'll need a TV with a 4K resolution to capture all the action!

Pro Tip: Make sure your TV comes with HDR (High Dynamic Range) for better contrast with brighter colors and darker darks!


If you're debating between QLED or OLED TVs — and most people are — here's what it comes down to: QLED is better suited to brightly lit rooms, while OLED offers better black levels and darker colors. QLED TVs use quantum dot technology that adds another layer of different size nanocrystal dots in front of a blue LED backlight, which produces a broader array of colors. OLED uses organic LEDs controlled at a pixel level, allowing the tv to be thinner, have colors pop more, reveal more shadow detail, and retain image quality while viewing it from the side.

Ultimately, both options offer amazing visuals, but which is right for your setup depends on where in your house you plan to watch the Big Game.

Refresh Rate

Another thing you might have heard about in TV specs is the refresh rate. This term refers to how fast the screen updates or refreshes the image it displays. While 60Hz is the standard, it doesn't keep up well with rapidly moving objects and can make the screen look blurry.

For sports viewing, 120Hz is ideal as this minimizes blurring when the action gets fast and furious. You can turn to other refresh rates like 240hz, but these are better for video games, not intense football games.


The half-time show is always a highlight of the Super Bowl, but sometimes the TV speakers just can't do it justice. This is because as TVs become thinner, so do the built-in speakers, which means they lose some of their power. But never fear; you can still enjoy every part of your Super Bowl experience with a soundbar! You can also try any of the following tips:

  • Mount your TV above the entertainment center so the built-in downward-firing speakers bounce sound off the surface.
  • Mount the sound bar or place it on the edge of your entertainment center for better sound output.
  • Or, if you have a large room, hang up some art, install some curtains, or add a rug to help absorb the sound.

Wall Mount vs. Entertainment Center

Group of people watching intense Super Bowl game with player coming out of the screen

When it comes to wall mounting your TV versus putting it in an entertainment center, both options have their pros and cons. A wall-mounted TV looks great, avoids clutter, offers flexible options, and saves space, but it can make it harder to reach the ports. A TV in an entertainment center is easier to install and has plenty of options to store your media essentials.

If you prefer a wall mount, get a fully articulating wall mount so you'll have easier access to the ports, which is especially helpful with larger (and heavier!) TVs. If you prefer an entertainment center, just be sure to measure the TV's width to be sure it will fit properly.

Best Seats in the House

Once you get your TV situation ready, the only thing left to make your Super Bowl watch party the best (other than the food) is to pick the best seats in the house! And one of the best options is a sectional couch, especially if it reclines! That way, you can kick back with friends and family while taking in all the action (we recommend practicing your best touchdown dance).

Go, Team, Go!

Man cheering at Super Bowl game

There you have it — all the specs you need to know when creating an unforgettable Super Bowl watch party that will blow your friends and family away! But don't wait to get your home in Super Bowl shape — find your new TV and soundbar upgrade at Toton’s TV!

And if you need any help, please don't hesitate to give us a call or stop by!