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What’s Streaming in June 2023?

by Nora Jaymes

Welcome, fellow streamers, and get ready to dive into what’s coming to streaming services this month! From jaw-dropping films based on a true story to laugh-out-loud comedies and binge-worthy series, we've got the scoop on all the content that's about to hit your screens. So, grab your snacks, dim the lights, and let's see what Netflix, Hulu, and more have in store for you in June!

What’s Streaming on Hulu?

Whether you’re looking to dive into the wide world of soul food or you can’t wait to see what The Beef team has cooking, Hulu has some great new features streaming this month!

  • Searching for Soul Food S1 (June 2): June is National Soul Food Month, so how appropriate that this documentary series featuring celebrity chef Alisa Reynolds should premiere on Hulu! Join her as she explores what soul food means in different parts of the South and discovers stories and traditions along the way.
  • Flamin’ Hot (June 9): Flamin' Hot Cheetos: the savory and spicy snack that burns your tongue and leaves your fingers red for hours. Did you know that a Frito Lay janitor created these chips? Flamin' Hot is the story of Richard Montañez, the janitor who channeled his Mexican American heritage into a snack that disrupted the food industry and became a global phenomenon.
  • The Full Monty (June 14): Taking place 25 years after the events of the cult classic and with the original star-studded cast -- Robert Carlyle (Once Upon a Time) and Mark Addy (A Knight's Tale) included -- the gang is back to bare it all once again! But with age comes a different set of problems, and the band of brothers has to be there for each other if they want to make it through.
  • Jagged Mind (June 15): Billie is plagued by blackouts and strange visions that lead her to discover she's stuck in a series of time loops, possibly related to her mysterious new girlfriend.
  • The Bear S2 (June 22): The next installment of this award-winning series picks up where season 1 left off, with The Beef crew taking off on a new adventure! And with Bob Odenkirk (Better Call Saul) reportedly joining the cast, this next season cannot be missed.

What’s Streaming on Netflix?

Have you been on the edge of your seat waiting to find out what Chris Hemsworth’s Tyler Rake is up to or what’s going to happen to the passengers on the Manifest? Then you’re in luck this month!

  • A Beautiful Life (June 1): This Danish romance movie stars a popular singer from Denmark in his first-ever leading role! When a young fisherman with an extraordinary voice gets the chance of a lifetime, his struggles from the past threaten to topple everything he's working toward.
  • The Days (June 1): This limited series Japanese drama follows the events of the seven intense days during the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant disaster.
  • Manifest S4 Part 2 (June 2): After four seasons, and a network switch, viewers are finally going to find out how it’s all connected! In the final 10 episodes, the Death Date looms large over the passengers. How will the series end, and will anyone survive? You’ll have to tune in to find out!
  • Never Have I Ever S4 (June 8): In the fourth and final chapter of the coming-of-age comedy series by Mindy Kaling (and loosely based on Kaling’s own high school experiences), prom, graduation, and the rest of their lives are coming in fast! Devi finds herself in a love triangle and has no idea where her heart lies. Who will she end up with? Where will she be?
  • Barracuda Queens (June 8): This Swedish heist crime drama is loosely based on a true story! In this series, the viewer follows a group of young women in the 90s who commit burglaries in an attempt to seek thrills and get revenge on men who have wronged them.
  • Our Planet II (June 14): A Netflix documentary that explores and unravels the mystery of how and why animals migrate, showing some of the most dramatic and compelling stories in the natural world through spectacular and innovative cinematography.
  • Extraction 2 (June 16): First released three years ago, Chris Hemsworth will be suiting and booting up again to play the role of Tyler Rake. After barely surviving the events of the first movie, Rake is back and tasked with another deadly mission: rescuing the battered family of a ruthless Georgian gangster from the prison where they are being held.
  • Take Care of Maya (June 19): In 2016, the events surrounding Maya Kowalski and her immediate family changed the way that we look at children’s healthcare forever. This documentary showcases Maya’s rare disease, the medical mystery it created, and the custody battle that would change her life.
  • Let’s Get Divorced S1 (June 22): In this Japanese romantic comedy, a married couple who no longer love each other want to get a divorce…but outside forces get in their way, and they're forced to work together to reach their ultimate goal: finalizing their divorce.
  • The Perfect Find (June 23): Based on the novel by Tia Williams and starring Gabrielle Union, this film tells the story of Jenna Jones, a former fashion designer who is broke and desperate for a second chance. After she loses her job and her long-time fiancé, she takes a job with her old arch nemesis, who is hoping she’ll bring a fresh perspective to her millennial-filled team. Jones soon finds herself in a relationship with the twenty-something videographer of the company, who also happens to be her boss’ son. The result is a series of laugh-out-loud and crazy scenarios.
  • The Witcher S3 (June 29): After waiting a year and a half for more Geralt of Rivia (and, let’s be honest, more Henry Cavill), The Witcher finally returns! Not many details are out about what part of the series this season will cover, but for fans of the series, we’re sure it will be well worth the wait!

What’s Streaming on Disney+?

If you’re in any way, shape, or form, a Marvel fan, you don’t want to miss the new releases on Disney+ this month!

  • Stan Lee (June 16): If you’ve watched any Marvel film, you’ve been introduced to Stan Lee – whether or not you knew it at the time! Stan Lee, the man, the myth, the legend who created the superhero characters you know and love...and the subject of this new documentary! Highlighting the man’s incredible life and the characters and dreams that he inspired.
  • Secret Invasion S1 (June 21): Samuel L. Jackson reprises his role as Nick Fury in this Avengers spin-off series! Nick Fury learns of a secret invasion of Earth by a faction of shapeshifting Skrulls; Fury joins his allies, and together they race against time to save humanity. Starring Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders, Emilia Clarke, and more!
  • World’s Best (June 23): A hip-hop musical comedy adventure from the director of Hamilton. 12-year-old mathematics genius, in the midst of navigating the tumultuous hardships of adolescence, discovers his recently deceased father was a famous rapper and immediately sets out to pursue a career for himself as a rap superstar.

What’s Streaming on Apple TV+?

If you’ve been waiting to see Tom Holland out of his Spiderman suit and not under an umbrella, Apple TV+ has the brand-new series for you!

  • The Crowded Room S1 (June 9): From the writers of A Beautiful Mind and set In Manhattan in the summer of 1979, a young man is arrested for a shocking crime, and an unlikely investigator must solve the mystery behind it. Starring Tom Holland, Amanda Seyfriend, and Emmy Rossum.
  • Carpool Karaoke: The Series (June 23): The series you know and love is returning to Apple TV+! This star-studded and song-filled ride will have you dancing and singing along as celebrities embark on adventures to their favorite tunes.
  • Hijack S1 (June 28): In this action-packed series starring Idris Elba, a flight is hijacked during its 7-hour journey from Dubai to London. An accomplished corporate negotiator on board tries to use his professional skills to get everyone safely home.

What’s Streaming On Other Platforms?

There were so many great things streaming on other platforms, we would be remiss if we didn’t feature those as well! Whether you’re trying to relive your childhood (or your child’s childhood) with Miranda Cosgrove or a true crime junkie, you’re gonna want to check out this list.

  • iCarly S3 (June 1) - Streaming on Paramount+: After a proposal goes wrong during a live-stream broadcast, Carly is forced to deal with the fact that she may have more feelings for her best friend than she's comfortable admitting.
  • Shooting Stars (June 2) - Streaming on Peacock: A mix of documentary style and dramatization of the childhood of Lebron James and his three best friends as they become the number one high school team in the country.
  • Deadloch (June 2) - Streaming on Prime Video: Two female detectives with very different crime-solving styles are thrown together to try to solve the murder of a local man in a sleepy seaside hamlet. But could this murder be tied to one that happened half a decade ago?
  • Joe Pickett S2 (June 4) - Streaming on Paramount+: Game warden Joe Pickett and his family find themselves caught in a conspiracy after a murder victim is left on Pickett's doorstep. Using his skills and his knowledge of the land, Pickett must find the killer before the killer strikes again.
  • Based On a True Story S1 (June 8) - Streaming on Peacock: A true crime obsession goes wrong in this comedic series starring Kaley Cuoco (Big Bang Theory) and Chris Messina (The Mindy Project). A realtor, a former tennis star, and a plumber attempt to seize a unique opportunity to capitalize on America's obsession with true crime.
  • Jack Ryan S4 (June 30) - Streaming on Prime Video: Your favorite analyst turned field agent is back with this next installment of Jack Ryan! Starring The Office’s John Krasinski as Ryan, after stumbling upon a suspicious series of bank transfers, his search for answers pulls him from the safety of his desk job and catapults him into a deadly game with a rising terrorist figurehead preparing for a massive attack against the US.

And that's all, folks! We hope you're as pumped as we are for the incredible lineup of content coming your way. Get your binge-watching game face on, grab your popcorn, and cuddle up in your favorite streaming spot! It's time to press play on your television set and let the streaming extravaganza begin! And if you’re streaming set-up could use an upgrade, we're here to help.