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5 Spooky Halloween Favorites to Watch in 4K

by Waverly Wilde

5 Spooky Halloween Favorites to Watch in 4K

It’s that time of the year again. The pumpkins are in full bloom, the skeletons have started to rise from their graves, and Halloween is getting closer and closer each and every moonrise.

And while to some people, Halloween may just be an excuse to get candy and dress up, we all know what Halloween is really about: Scary movies! And with 4K adoption continuing to grow, more and more movies are finally making their way to the visually superior format.

So, to help celebrate the season, we put together a list of some 4K movies that are sure to keep you up at night and make you look twice under your bed. Get watching, and Happy Halloween!


1. Halloween

1978’s “Halloween” introduced the world to Michael Myers. The original film launched an entire franchise – a franchise that turned 40 years old this year – and is also available in 4K, bringing the scares of old up to today’s modern format standards.

So, journey back to Haddonfield, and make sure to hide all the babysitters.


2. American Psycho

Halloween can bring out the best – and the worst – in people. On the one hand, people open up their houses (or at least their front porches) and hand out candy to total strangers.

But Halloween also can bring out a little bit of the darkness inside us all. Take a voyage to the darker side of humanity with none other than Batman himself, as Christian Bale plays Patrick Bateman in “American Psycho.”  


3. A Quiet Place

Shush. If you aren’t quiet … they’ll get you. This year’s “A Quiet Place” received rave reviews, and features the talents of Emily Blunt and John Krasinski. A sequel is already in the works, which gives you even more reason to not let this one pass you by.

And, watching this in 4K will make you feel like you’ve actually traveled in time to the year 2020, just make sure you watch quietly so you aren’t found.


5 Spooky Halloween Favorites to Watch in 4K

4. It (HDR)

99 red balloons go by. Well, maybe not 99 of them, but there’s at least one. And a brightly colored yellow jacket. Oh, and we can’t forget Pennywise, either.

“It” also includes High Dynamic Range support, which means you’ll be getting even more video quality for your buck. HDR may turn out to actually be a bigger feature than 4K, so check out all of our TVs and make sure you are always watching films in the best quality possible.


5. Van Helsing (HDR)

What would a Halloween movie list be without some monsters? “Van Helsing” stars a little up-and-coming actor that you may not yet have heard of – none other than Hugh Jackman – as he goes toe-to-toe against a litany of monsters. He’ll have to get through Dracula, the Wolf Man, and even Frakenstein’s Monster. It can’t be harder than having his body filled with adamantium, at least.


Good movies aren’t just for the Halloween season, however. And if you haven’t upgraded to a 4K TV set yet, what are you waiting for? There’s nothing scary about TV shopping – give us a call and we’ll help you pick out the best set for all of your haunted movie nights. Check out our site for all the latest models – and get ready for some haunting new details in your favorite films when you watch them in 4K!