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When Should You Upgrade Your Speakers?

by Reyna Thomas

Like most other elements in your audio system, speakers do not function forever. Worn-out, broken speakers become a part of everyone’s lives, whether through time or heavy use. But, how do you get there? Besides being physically broken or damaged, mechanical issues and environmental changes can point to signs of current or future internal damage.

If you’re unsure if it’s time for a speaker upgrade don’t worry., Our guide will help you identify common indications that it’s time for a new speaker.

Check the Sound

This is one of the most apparent signals that it's time to upgrade your system. The quality of your speakers, like any other item or equipment, will diminish with age and use. If the components become incompatible or the speakers simply wear out before the rest of the system, your sound system may begin to fail. The first thing you’ll probably notice is that the sound is distorted or that there is a change in the frequency response.

woman sitting between two soundbars

Speakers that experience sudden drops in volume have no balance between the left and right speakers, or crackles are all indications that the speakers are worn out. You may also encounter buzzing feedback and other events that detract from your music or movie enjoyment.

The difference in sound quality can be dramatic at times, and you’ll notice it immediately. In other cases, the sound difference will be minor, and you won’t notice it until you compare it to new speakers of the same model. If your home entertainment experience has diminished due to the sound, it’s time to reevaluate your speakers. Rather than waiting for failure, replace speakers as soon as these indicators appear!

Changed Systems

If you’ve recently upgraded to higher-end equipment in your home theater system, you should consider replacing your speakers, too. Even if you think your present speakers are adequate, there’s a significant possibility they won’t line up with the other components, resulting in poor sound quality.

stylish, new speakers next to audio system

This is especially true if you’re finally switching from an outdated system to one with newer and more advanced capabilities. Presuming they operate at all, your old speakers won’t do your sound justice. In the worst-case scenario, your digital setup will blow out the speakers, requiring a second trip to replace them. So, you might as well do it beforehand.

Changed Spaces

If your listening environment has changed, you should consider upgrading. The environment in which it is located is an important aspect of any sound system. Speakers and rooms interact, and changing the space can significantly impact how you appreciate your sounds.

Speakers that are too small for a room can sound thin or weak, with less bass capacity and a less appealing delivery. Even if your old massive speakers are perceivably decent in a tiny place, they will not sound very good if they are too enormous for the space, as the bass won’t have the room to resonate within the room and the sound will come off too big.

Visual Check

damaged speaker

Visual damage is usually one of the less serious issues that speakers face, but it is also typically easy to identify with the naked eye. If you can remove the grill from your speakers, you can readily observe if there is any form of crack in that region.  And from there you can choose to  repair or replace it. However, if the cone is damaged in any way, such as being punctured or ripped, you’ll have a far greater problem on your hands and may need to purchase new speakers.

speakers inside a store

When considering replacing your speakers, keep an eye out for these warnings. But, if you’ve realized that one of your speakers is in need of replacement, you’re at the right place. Regardless of your reason for requiring new speakers, Toton’s TV is here to assist you with all your home audio needs! So don’t worry if your speaker isn’t working anymore; we have a fantastic selection of speakers to choose from!

If you have any questions, come on by or give us a call today!