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5 Electronics Mistakes to Avoid This Summer

by Ronald Elias

1. Forget Me Not

Even though summer is supposed to be a time of relaxation and vacation, sometimes it can feel like those months are busier than ever. That, of course, leads to people rushing around and things being forgotten -- but there’s one important thing you want to try to remember all summer long: Don’t leave your electronics in your car.

Whether it’s your phone, laptop, GPS, tablet, dog, video game system, or even that brand new TV you just bought and you’ll only be a second while you run into this other store but then you run into your second cousin and it turns into an hour-long trip to get milk and next thing you know, WHAM! Your poor device is overheated and fried. 

2. Swimming with the Devices

We talked about the different levels of waterproofing last month,  and that should stand as a good primer -- and reminder -- as to which devices you can bring poolside and which you should leave in the house under lock and key ... and guard dog. 

Regardless, some people still think that it’s OK to take all of their electronics to the pool (UGH, the water!), the beach (UGH, the sand, AND the water!), or any other place where they can be damaged by large amounts of sun, water, or debris. Keep your devices in cool, dry, shaded places, and they’ll be happy and live much longer lives. 

You can take a break from that screen for a second, anyways. It won’t kill you, we promise. 

3. Gimme a Break

Speaking of breaks, summer break can be a great time to analyze you and your family’s relationship with electronic devices, and take a break from them if need be. 

Even though this summer is set to look a lot different than summers past, it’s still a good idea to come up with an electronics plan with your children.For example, perhaps they can earn TV time by working on some of their summer reading or homework. Lead the way by taking a break from electronic devices yourself -- everybody sure could use some screen-free time outside this summer!


4. Summer Flames

This one isn’t necessarily a summer season problem, but it’s one that we see all the time, so we try to take any chance we can get to remind people not to do it. 

You probably aren’t thinking much about your fireplace, especially in summer, but you might look above it and think to yourself, “Now, that spot right there is a mighty good place for a new TV!”

You’d be wrong. While it might aesthetically look nice, putting your brand new TV above the fireplace is one of the worse places for it to go. Between the heat and the smoke, you are just asking for problems.

5. Preventative Packing

Whether you are flying or driving, you are probably hoping for a lot of travel this upcoming summer. And we both know your electronic devices are going to come along with you. 

Or maybe you are moving this summer. Either way, electronic devices are going to be carted, shifted, and moved around. 

Think twice; pack things nice. It could be for a short road trip, for your checked luggage, or as part of the moving van -- no matter what the situation, make sure you are packing electronics in a case. Or at least something that will protect them! The nicer you are to your electronics, the longer they’ll return the favor. 


Screen time might be a one way to pass the summer, but it doesn’t mean you don’t have to be just as careful with your electronic devices as you are the rest of the year. Avoid these mistakes and enjoy your electronics all season long! 

But, in the event something does happen and you are in the market for new electronics, give us a call! As your local electronics store, we’re always here to help you out, whether it’s in the sun, rain, or snow.