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What the Heck is 8K?

by Waverly Wilde

TV technology moves fast.

There are probably those of you reading this that still remember the days of VHS, and dare we say it, even LaserDisc. Then it was on to DVD, 420p, 720p, 1080p, HDR, HD, 4K ... we see how it can be easy to feel like the TV industry just sometimes keeps spitting random numbers and letters out and hopes the public will keep up.

If you feel lost, let us toss some knowledge your way. One of our goals as your local electronics store is to make sure our customers are updated on the latest trends, so we wanted to take the time today to help break down what is sure to be a popular buzzword throughout the rest of 2019: 8K.


What is it?

First, the technical answer: 8K is another TV resolution, similar to other resolutions you may be more familiar with, such as 1080p (HD) and 4K. Instead of sticking with the number format that had been used before, with 4K we now have letters thrown into the mix.

8K may stand for 8000, but the actual resolution of 8K TVs isn’t 8000 pixels (where the K comes from) however, it’s 7680x4320. 8K just rolls off the tongue better, apparently. It’s twice the resolution of 4K, so at least that part makes sense.  


When is it coming?

It’s already here! 8K TVs have already hit the consumer market, from makers such as Samsung and Sony. Samsung even has 8K TVs as big as 85”, so if you are looking for the newest and fanciest TV on the block, you don’t have to look very far.

You could come on over and pick one up from us right now! No matter what your local TV or electronics needs are, we always have you covered.


What does 8K mean?

For most people ... 8K is probably not going to mean much yet. While 8K TVs are on the market, there are very few pieces of actual, native 8K content out there. It doesn’t mean that you have to go throw away your old TV this very second, and it doesn’t mean that your Blu-ray collection is going to become obsolete and turn to dust.

It does mean, however, that if you get an 8K TV now, it is probably going to be some time before you are able to watch most of your favorite programming in that format. You can rely on 8K upscaling in the TV – where the TV will take your non-8K content and turn it into 8K -- but that’s never going to be as good as watching something that is being natively shown in 8K.


While it may still be a bit early to jump full force on the 8K train, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t still a very good time to upgrade your TV! If you are still watching TV on a 1080p screen or -- gasp! -- something even older than that, then this year is a perfect time to make the jump to 4K. Stop in today and check out our great selection!