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3 TV Solutions You Probably Haven't Heard of for Your Living Room!

by Ann Ferguson

When it comes to shopping for a TV, you come across the same options: smart TVs, OLED TVs, 4K TVs, and so on. But despite the differences between them, they all do the same thing — they sit front and center in your living room.

Now, this typical TV solution is perfect if you don't care too much about your living room décor. But if you want to do more with your home design and wow your friends and family, you need something different. You need a way to still have your dream TV AND your dream home complete with killer good looks. And luckily, there are other TV solutions that fit right up your alley!

What do these look like? We'll show you!

Frame TVs

Frame TV in beautiful living room

As we said before, a TV doesn't always mesh with your home décor, especially when it's not in use. But rather than dealing with a black void that detracts from your impeccable taste, you can use a frame TV instead — these work just like regular TVs, except when turned off. When powered down, your TV becomes a picture frame, displaying beautiful artwork or even family pictures!

These TVs come in a super high-quality picture (which they need to display the artwork so perfectly) and come with a bezel that becomes the frame. Usually, the bezel is customizable so that you can match the finish or wood style to your home design. And the best part is that even though these TVs work as a living picture frame, you can also find swivel options, so you don't have to worry about viewing angles.

Pro Tip: You should find a tv size that accommodates the viewing distance, rather than buy the biggest size.

Mirror TVs

Woman doing makeup in front of mirror TV

These might seem like something out of a Sci-Fi show, but mirror TVs are a real thing. Mirror TVs have a screen placed behind a semi-transparent mirror, which saves valuable space, and lets you hide your TV anywhere —in the bathroom, bedroom, or living room.

These TVs range from 15 to 55 inches, have the latest 4K technology, and occasionally come with a customizable frame (although these TVs are prone to glare). They also come in two different types, standard and custom. A standard design mirror TV is an all-in-box solution set for standard installation. But a custom design mirror TV is made to fit a custom interior with a corresponding size, depending on the project.

Pro Tip: A mirror TV sound system is similar to regular TVs, so you'll probably need a soundbar if you want better audio.

Outdoor TVs

Outdoor TV solution in covered patio

Another unexpected TV solution you probably haven't heard too much about is outdoor TVs — yup, a TV you can put outside and watch while doing BBQs or any other outdoor activity. Outdoor TVs feature a standard LCD or LED panel wrapped in a ton of waterproofing layers so they can live outside and withstand years of rain, snow, dust, extreme temperatures, and UV rays.

There are three outdoor TV varieties: full sun, partial sun/partial shade, and full shade. All this means is that the brightness is different in each one, with full-sun outdoor TVs having the most brightness to withstand glare. So, you have to pick the one that suits your setup. But remember that not all outdoor TVs come with streaming, Wi-Fi, or enough HDMI ports.

Pro Tip: Go the extra mile by creating a custom veranda or patio that is basically like an outdoor living room, so you always have the premier watching experience.

Other TV Solutions

If you're unsure about any of these solutions, don't worry; there are several other ways to incorporate your TV into your home and not lose out on your design. You could:

  • Hide it behind cabinet doors above a fireplace.
  • Mount it behind a foldable painting in a recessed part of the wall.
  • Place it behind a retractable mirror (make it antique for an extra oomph of style!).
  • Use a textured panel to cover it when not in use (place it over a bookshelf when you are using it to keep the stylish flair).
  • Place it inside an existing cabinet that fits your home's style.
  • Try a pop-up mechanism in a location that makes sense (great for those who don't have much wall space!).

Binge-Watch in Style!

Now that you know more about different TV solutions, it's time to find yours at Toton’s TV! We'll help you find the most incredible TV, and audio setup that fits your décor and is comfortable enough to binge-watch all your favorites!

And if you have any questions, please give us a call! Our experts are always ready to take on the case!