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5 Benefits to Having a TV in Your Bedroom

by Reyna Thomas

TV in the bedroom, for many, is an age-old debate. It is indeed not a bad idea, and can actually be quite good. After all, like most people, you might spend your evenings unwinding by watching something on TV, usually using one of the many streaming services you subscribe to.

So why shouldn’t that relaxing TV be in the most comfortable and pleasant environment possible? In your bedroom! You know, the place you can watch your fave shows from the comfort of your own bed, without having to get up. Check out some ways having a TV can help you!

1. Good For Your Sleep Routine

Having a routine each night can help send signals to your brain that it is time to go to sleep. If your bedtime routine consists of watching TV in the living room, why not switch to watching in your bedroom to streamline your routine instead. That way, you can go to bed without having to be alert and switch rooms.

Even if you do stay awake a little longer than usual while watching your favorite show, removing TV watching from your routine can cause you to throw your whole sleep schedule off. Why put up with that? Instead, watch from your bed!

woman relaxing in bed watching tv

2. Great for Bonding

If you have a spouse, snuggling up and watching your favorite show or movie together can be quite enjoyable. And the bedroom can be a cozy and relaxing place to do this. Especially if it’s a show that the whole family can’t watch together. This can be like a tiny date night in bed, which can be a terrific way to bond. If you’re ever worried about being too loud in the living room, it’s also an excellent way to filter out sounds from the rest of the house.

couple relaxing watching tv

3. Great for Me Time

Finding me-time can be hard. This is especially true if you are a parent of young children and it is the only time you can watch a show or movie that would be inappropriate for your kids to see.

However, many of us lead very busy lives that leave little time for things like enjoying some TV downtime. As a result, the only time you have to watch your favorite shows is immediately before bedtime. Making it not only the preferred time to watch TV but also the only time.

woman eating pizza and watch tv in bed

4. Help With Overactive Brains

Maybe you’re one of those people that can’t sleep without some sort of background noise. And we get it. After a day of being stimulated by different sounds, sudden silence can be overwhelming. A TV can give you the option to choose your background noise, especially if you have a smart TV that’s connected to your favorite streaming subscription. A TV in your bedroom can also act as a way to drown out noises that keep you awake. So the sounds of the neighbor’s dogs or the busy street get drowned out instead by something calming and enjoyable.

5. Can Help You Sleep

When everything is shut off, and there are no distractions, stressful thoughts are more likely to enter your head. These are usually problems and stresses that can’t be dealt with in the few minutes before bedtime.

As a result, these lingering anxious thoughts are nothing but sleep destroyers. But, having a TV to turn to as you relax in bed can provide a nice mental distraction from those concerns. So, you’re nice and relaxed for a goodnight’s sleep.

woman sleeping while watching tv

A TV in the bedroom could provide you with methods for increasing comfort, relaxing, and even increasing intimacy with your companion. We know that sleep is a very personal experience. So, when it comes to deciding whether or not to have a TV in the bedroom, only you know what works best for you. But after hearing these benefits, if you’ve been convinced, you’re going to need a trusted place to buy your TV from. Toton’s TV has all the best TVs to choose from to make your sleep experience better. Stop in today or give us a call if you need more help!