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5 Benefits of Smart Home Automation

by Pam Silvia

It sounds like home tech of the future: Every morning, the lights go on, the curtains go up, and the coffee is ready automatically. Well, with smart home automation, this is no longer science fiction. Whether you’re looking to set the mood with smart lighting or protect your fortress with clever tech, smart home automation should be at the top of your list this season — and year-round.

To reap the benefits of handsfree home living, check out these 5 benefits of smart home automation:

1. Keep Your Home Secure

young man adjusting a WiFi surveillance camera at home while checking video feed on smartphone

Turn your smartphone into your smart key or live video feed. Automated smart security allows you to receive alerts when your front door camera detects suspicious activity and set up a schedule for locking and unlocking certain doors (including pet doors). Here are some smart devices you can connect and automate to protect your home and your loved ones:


Smart locks – Remotely lock and unlock your doors with smart locks and keypads.

Video doorbells – You can easily make deliveries contactless or check to see who is at your door without ever leaving your couch.

Smart cameras – When installed indoors, you can check in on your kids and pets with separation anxiety from your smartphone. If you set up smart cameras for the exterior of your home, you can check on suspicious activity.

✓ Smart garage door controller – Never worry about whether you forgot to close your garage door. Open and close it from virtually anywhere with a smart garage door controller.

2. Cut Down on Your Energy Bills

Smart home automation is the perfect tool for managing your household’s power consumption and making your entire home more energy-efficient. From automatically switching off WiFi appliances when they’re not in use to stopping your heating unit at a certain time every night, home automation is a smarter approach for managing your energy use and utility costs. Plus, if you’re going to be away on vacation this holiday season, you can have your lights turn on at selected times of the day, so it appears as if someone is home — this is both cheaper (and more effective) than simply leaving lights on.


✓ Smart plugs and switches – The ability to automate, schedule, and remotely access your smart light switch gives you a great deal of control over costs. If that’s not enough, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and CLEAResult found that using smart plugs saves between 1 and 4.58 percent of energy usage.

✓ Smart thermostat – Newer smart thermostats feature a variety of control mechanisms, like adaptable timers and room-specific settings, which give you more control over your energy use.

3. Experience Great Convenience

young woman holding her newborn baby in her arms on sofa while turning on the lamp using her phone

It’s not hard to imagine that smart home automation gives you the ability to turn on, use, and turn off connected devices without you having to manually do so. In other words, you don’t have to get up from the couch to set the thermostat, change the lights, check on the front door, and more.

4. Enjoy Personalized Comfort

Along the same lines, smart home automation allows you to personalize your at-home experience unlike ever before. A smart home controller, like a smart speaker, can enable other smart tech in your home with just the sound of your voice. For instance, if you have an Amazon Echo, the simple phrase “Alexa, bedtime” can automatically turn off your smart lights, adjust the temperature on your smart thermostat, and start a white-noise playlist so that you can unwind comfortably and with ease.


✓ Smart lights – Smart bulbs can create a comfortable atmosphere via intelligent and adaptive lighting.

✓ Smart plugs and switches – Control your smart home lights and appliances from virtually anywhere with smart plugs and smart switches that give you the convenience and control to turn switches on and off remotely.

✓ Smart thermostat – Whether you’re looking to make your home office cooler or want to turn it up for some hot yoga, you can adjust the temperature right from your smartphone.

✓ Smart TV – Whether you want your TV to turn on at a certain time every evening or shut off before bedtime, you can create a setting on select smart TVs. Note: Automations vary between brands and models.

✓ Smart speaker – A smart speaker can be personalized to give you a personalized news bulletin, read you the daily weather, go over your calendar, deliver the traffic report, and pump you up with your favorite upbeat songs from your favorite music-streaming service.

5. Gain More Control Over Your Home

excited man using smart home application on digital tablet to open curtains and turn off lights

Ultimate control over your connected home is at your fingertips with a smart home touch control panel. The brains of your system, this central hub allows you to easily control, integrate and customize the smart devices in your home without you having to toggle between multiple apps on your phone. Smart home manufacturers expanded past the media room to control lighting, shades, security, and more. Some in-wall and some wireless, smart home panels are designed to simplify the operation of increasingly sophisticated systems to provide increased security, comfort, and convenience to your household.

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