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Let's-A-Go: How to Create the Perfect Gaming Setup for All Your Gameplay

by Ann Ferguson

Video games are only getting better, and playing them is a blast. But is your gaming setup up to pass? Or does it look more like "game over" to you?

Sure, it works, but don't you deserve something better? And since Mario Day is around the corner (Mar. 10), now is the perfect time to upgrade your gaming setup to the best specs!

But don't worry; we've got the details covered — take a look!

MAR10 Day Fun!

Retro Donkey Kong arcade game

Before we dive into the specs, let's review why Mario Day is such a big deal. While there are plenty of other game systems and characters, Mario was a revolution when he first came onto the scene back in 1981 in the Donkey Kong arcade game, and he didn't stop there!

  • 1988: Super Mario Bros. 3 was released for the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System).
  • 1989: Super Mario Land was released on the Game Boy (the first Nintendo handheld system).
  • 1992: Mario meets his evil doppelganger, Wario, in Super Mario Land 2.
  • 1996: Super Mario 64 was released on the Nintendo 64!
  • 1998: The very first Super Mario Party was also released on the Nintendo 64 and was the first game to feature other playable characters such as Luigi, Princess Peach, and Donkey Kong!
  • 2006: New Super Mario Bros. was released as a sub-series on the Nintendo DS.
  • 2016: Super Mario Odyssey was released on the Nintendo Switch!

There are over 200 games in the Mario universe, including beloved characters such as Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Bowser, the King of the Koopas. Obviously, there's something to this special gaming series! There's even a campy Mario Bros. film made in 1993!

Did You Know? Mario Day is celebrated on March 10 because the date MAR. 10 looks like Mario when you put it together!

Best TV Settings

 Two kids playing Mario Kart

Naturally, you'll want to play to your heart's content on Mario day. But before you do, make sure you have the best gaming setup available, which starts with the best display settings:

  • 4K Resolution: This resolution shows incredible detail and will match the quality of next-gen consoles like the PS5.
  • Frames Per Second (FPS): explains the number of frames per second. You'll need at least 120 FPS for fluid gaming.
  • Refresh Rate: This differs from FPS; ideally, a 60Hz TV can simulate a 120 FPS image!
  • Game Mode: newer TVs have a "game mode," which lowers the input and image latency (or lag) you need for first-person shooter games.
  • Color Settings: Set the sharpness to zero percent, the color setting at 50 percent to avoid bizarre filters, and place the tint (or G/R settings) to zero.
  • Brightness: it's always a good idea to boost your TV's brightness to 50 percent or higher if playing a dark game.
  • Backlight: This option reduces glare and eye strain, so it's vital to keep it on when gaming.
  • Contrast: High contrast ratios are ideal, so try to set it between 70 and 80 percent.
  • MotionFlow: Keeps the frame rate locked, which you DO NOT need, so make sure to turn it off to prevent game lag.
  • Noise Reduction: Ideal for older games and films, but you don't need it for next-gen consoles.

Pro Tip: When looking at the refresh rate, don't confuse it with the motion rate. The motion rate is twice the true refresh rate value, so a motion rate of 240Hz is actually a refresh rate of 120Hz.

Ideal Sound Settings

Woman gaming with a headset on

The perfect gaming setup isn't complete without the sound, especially for those quiet, nail-biter games! So, to get the most out of your sound, you'll need to decide between a speaker setup and a gaming headset.

  • Speakers are versatile, ideal for solo gaming, easy to use, and powerful, but they take up a lot of space.
  • Soundbars are a one-person band that amps your TV's sound and requires minimal setup.
  • Gaming headsets have powerful audio, recreate the surround sound experience with no external setup, feature a built-in mic, and let you have game and chat audio.

Choosing the right one for your setup depends on your circumstances. A speaker setup is ideal if you're a solo gamer who lives alone. However, a headset is more suitable if you live with other people or share your gaming space.

Console Settings

Adjusting your TV and sound setup is only part of it. You'll also need to tweak your console settings to enhance your gaming setup!

  • PS5 will let you adjust the HDR (high-dynamic range) and often features a submenu in other games.
  • Xbox Series X offers more customization options through Microsoft tech.
  • Nintendo Switch lets you match the TV's resolution to your console and adjust the RGB.

The Switch also has an additional feature to reduce screen burn-in, so you don't ruin your TV setup by leaving a static image for too long!

Pro Tip: Make sure your display has a 2.1 HDMI port to access the full spectrum of your console customization. And if 4K is crucial to you, you'll need the right 4K-compatible HDMI cable!

Vintage Games Meet New TVs

Closeup of a man playing vintage NES

If you loved playing games on your old consoles, don't worry — you can still play them on your newer TVs. First, double-check if your TV has the correct ports (which is unlikely for something like the NES). But even if your TV doesn't feature the correct port, you can still work around it.

  • If you have a DVD or Blu-Ray player with the correct ports, hook your gaming system to them (make sure all connected devices are on).
  • If your TV doesn't have the correct ports, get an external adapter compatible with your TV on one end and your gaming system on the other.
  • Some gaming companies have re-released their old games on newer platforms and mini consoles — see if the games you want qualify!

Wired vs. Wireless Connection

More and more video games are going online, with specific features or required online subscriptions. So, that begs the question: Do you go wired or wireless?

Wireless connections are convenient, clutter-free, and affordable, but the internet speeds are limited, and the signal strengths vary, which can negatively affect gameplay. Wired connections are strong, reliable, and faster and provide less lag, but they will limit the mobility of your gaming station. So the choice is up to you!

Gaming Throne

Gaming can take its toll all day — unless you have the best gaming throne! So, don't use any old chair; you need a gaming chair with the necessary ergonomics!

Gaming chairs usually feature high backs to support your back and shoulders, so you don't play while slumped. But the best gaming chairs will have extra features like lumbar support, adjustable necks, and adjustable or multi-directional armrests. The key is to be comfortable and well-supported!

Game On!

Man gaming on a nice TV

Now that you know more about creating the ideal gaming setup, it's time to start! First, make sure you have a TV that's up to snuff. But if your current TV won't do your games justice, or you want a second one just for gaming, Toton’s TV has you covered! And don't forget about upgrading your sound!

Don't hesitate to give us a call or stop by if you have any questions — we've got those covered, too!