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How to Optimize Your Home Surround Sound System

by May Fitzgerald

Surround sound speakers really are a game changer for home audio. They bring theater-quality sound to your home TV, and give you immersion and volume you just can’t get anywhere else. Sound will wrap around you like a warm blanket on a cold winter evening, providing you a level of audio-comfort you haven’t experienced before.

But, like most electronics, surround sound speakers do require a bit of setting up. To help you get the most out of your surround sound speakers, we put together some tips that will walk you through the basics.

Of course, if you have any other questions about surround sound speakers, give us a call! Our audio experts will be glad to help and walk you through the process.

Set up your speakers

The first thing you want to do to set up your surround sound system is to, well, actually set up the speakers. You want to make sure that each speaker has an unobstructed line of sight to your seating/viewing area – you don’t want anything blocking the speakers, essentially.

What type of system you have will determine how many speakers you have, which will also play a role here. For a typical 5.1 set up, you’ll have three speakers in front, two left and right rear speakers, and then your subwoofer. You’ll want to make sure that the rear speakers are set up behind the viewing area, and also pay attention to which speakers are labeled left and right, both for the front pair and for the rear pair.

If you place your subwoofer in a corner, that may make it sound louder than you have it set. Depending what you want for your set up, that could be good – or it could not be – but it’s at least worth trying and seeing how it works in your space.

Measure your distance

Now that you have your speakers set up, you’ll want to tell your system what your room, space, and speaker distance look like. In the menu for your audio system, there should be a setting that lets you enter how far apart each speaker is from where you would sit to watch your TV. Grab your measuring tape, measure the distance out for each speaker, and input that into your system.

Need help figuring out the measurements? Pick up the phone and call us – our sales associates are always ready to help!

Adjust the volume

With the measuring done, there’s just one step left before you are ready to hear the basilisk from “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” slither all around you. Also in your audio system menu there should be an area where you are able to adjust the volume of each speaker individually.

Take a seat wherever you normally would sit to watch TV, and go through and test each speaker one by one. This will allow you to adjust any speakers that may seem too quiet or may not be as optimized as you would like, and let you put a personal spin on your speaker set up.

Of course, if you run through all these steps and still aren’t totally happy with how your speakers sound, let us know! We’re always here to help with all your audio needs, and we’ll be glad to help you troubleshoot or further set up your speakers so they sound exactly how you want them too. Just don’t call us when your friends always make movie nights happen at your house because your system sounds the best. That’s your burden to bear!