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How to Keep New Year's Resolutions -- Technology Edition

by Ronald Elias

Well, we made it to 2021!

Yeah, 2020 may have been a bit rough, all things considered, but if you are anything like us, you are determined to do everything possible to make 2021 better. We can do it! We believe in you! Of course, starting those New Year’s Resolutions and goals right out of the gate may be easy, but sticking with them over the course of the whole year is where things get tricky. The good news? You aren’t alone in your resolutions (or your lapses)! The even better news? Your electronics and technology can help you stick to your goals, even when things get tough. 

So, to kick off the New Year, we put together a list of ways technology can help you make the most of 2021 and help you stick to those resolutions. The resolutions themselves are up to you, but no matter what you pick, we think these tips will help you reach your goals. Let’s take a look! 

Declutter Everything – We Mean Evvveeeerrryyyyytttthhiiiinnnggg

There are entire industries built around helping people get rid of stuff, and while it is important to make sure to have limits on your physical space – and to keep it clean! – it can be just as important to do a digital declutter/detox.

Let’s start with something simple: Look at your apps on your phone. How many of them do you actually use on a weekly basis? How many of them sit unused for months at a time? How many of them have you ignored and NEVER opened? There are plenty of gigabytes of space you can clean up there, easily. 

From there, let’s maneuver to your email inbox. There might be no greater feeling on Earth than starting off 2021 at inbox zero – and clearing out those emails will help put you in the right mind space for clearing out your closet, garage, and the rest of your house, too! 

Less Screen Time

Can technology be self-defeating and have a role in helping you use it less? You bet it can!

While it might seem counterinitiative, technology can actually be a great tool to help you ... use less technology. Limiting screen time in favor of something else is a common resolution, and with features like time and app trackers, your phones can actually tell you just how long you’ve been sitting and staring at Instagram in bed. 

You can even take things a step further with the help of voice-control speakers and your calendar. Need a reminder to put the phone down and go out for a walk? Tell Alexa, Google Home, or Siri to set a repeating event on your calendar. With constant pressure and guidance from your voice-controlled companion, sticking to that screen time reduction will be way easier. 


While it’s important to make sure that technology is helping you make your life better, the start of a new year is also a good time to step back and make sure you are taking the best care of your technology too. 

For example, how many electronics do you have that are plugged straight into the wall instead of being protected by a surge protector? Especially when it comes to bigger and more expensive electronics like your TV, computer, surround sound, or entertainment system, you should always make sure to use a surge protector instead of plugging these devices directly into the wall. It may sound simple, but it’s an easy way to make sure your devices live a long and sustained life!

Discover New Music

Traveling is a common resolution, but this year might be another year where that isn’t really in the cards. What does that leave you to do then, if you want to expand your horizons and reach new plateaus and frontiers?

We suggest trying new music. Most people tend to have a few genres of music they focus on, which means there’s plenty of music from all over the world that they are missing out on. And when you listen to that music on a new surround sound system, you’ll be able to enjoy the new tunes in unbelievable quality. So, you might not be able to visit Japan or Thailand or Ireland this year, but you can take musical tours of your favorite countries and discover some new favorite artists along the way. 

There’s an App for That 

Looking to lose weight? Maybe you want to keep track of how many new books you read this year? Or maybe you need something that is going to keep track of your steps as you make your way throughout the house over the course of the day?

The good news --to lean into the cliche even more—is that there’s an app for that! No matter what you are looking to make your resolution this year -- at least, almost no matter what – you should be able to find an app that will help you keep track of, gamify, and motivate you toward your goal. It can be hard to stay on top of your goals throughout the year, but an app is a great way to track and manage all of your resolutions and help make sure they become routines, not forgotten 

It can take some effort to put together your goals, resolutions, and wish list for the year, but we hope that these tips will help you make the most of 2021! Of course, it’s also important to remember that we aren’t just here for tech tips, we’re also here as your local electronics store to support all of your electronic resolutions – all year long! Give us a call or stop on by today, and we’d be glad to help you find just the piece of technology you need to make your 2021 a year to remember.