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4 Habits That Will Keep Your Couch in Perfect Condition

by May Fitzgerald

4 Habits That Will Keep Your Couch in Perfect Condition

So, you’ve finally made the plunge into getting that new couch you’ve been eyeing. Or maybe you’re still shopping around and you want to make sure this sofa stays shipshape as long as possible. If you’re determined to keep your next couch from falling prey to common-couch care mistakes, we can help you there.

Couch care can be a tricky business. Your couch the place you spend most of your at-home relaxing time, so it can be easy to forget that it requires a bit of work to stay stylish and sharp. Who wants to think about chores after a long day at work? But, if you want to keep your couch around for years to come, it’ll need a little TLC. So, begin the journey of preserving your couch with these four good couch care habits.

1. Switch Up Your Seat

Uneven wearing is the silent killer of a good couch. Everyone has their favorite spot on their sofa – that place you like to crash every night after work, the spot where you could just curl up and eat popcorn and ice cream all weekend … Yeah, that spot will be the first to go, and it’ll bring the rest of your couch down with it if you’re not careful. If you put too much wear and tear on one part of your couch, the cushions will start to go lumpy fast, and after a while, the springs will start to sag, big time.

This is hardly conducive to a comfy couch experience, and to keep one side of your couch from falling into a black hole of discomfort, you may have to change up your habits. Try sitting in different places and different positions every day, so you don’t put any one area under too much strain. This will keep your couch springy and supportive even after years of use.

2. Flip Your Cushions

Even if you’re carefully changing up your sitting spot every day, your cushions can still start to wear down just from regular use. If they get too badly worn out, the stuffing can break down, clump up, or warp long before you would otherwise need to start shopping for a new couch.

No one likes a couch full of lumps and indents, but, if you get into the habit of flipping your cushions over every few weeks, you can keep the issue in check. Flip them upside down and front to back every now and again to make sure you’re making the most of every inch of those cushions.

3. Ban Food on the Couch

We get it, sometimes all you want to do at the end of the day is curl up with a box of cookies and hot chocolate and watch TV until you can’t keep your eyes open anymore. But when that mug of hot chocolate gets away from you, and more of those cookies end up in the cushions than in your stomach, your relaxing evening won’t be quite so relaxing anymore. So, prevent the mess altogether and make your couch a crumb-free zone. Your future self will thank you.

But we get it, sometimes life gets in the way of even the best laid plans. If you really can’t get away with ditching couch meals entirely, at least put a protective covering down when you eat. A towel or sheet can catch the worst of the crumbs and soak up any undesirable spills before they reach your precious couch.

4. Don’t Skip the Cleaning

It’s not just your carpets and bedsheets that should be getting a regular cleaning – your couch should get a thorough wash every now and again too! Arm yourself with a lint roller and a hand vacuum and you should make quick work of the worst of the dirt. Vacuuming the cushions every few weeks can help keep lint, hair, food particles, and other undesirables from building up in the fabric.

Be sure to remove the cushion covers and give them a wash every few months too (as long as the fabric is washer-safe). If you’re struggling with ground-in grime or soaked-in stains, steam cleaning is another great way to freshen up your couch and make it look like new again. A little planning ahead during your next couch purchase can make this step even easier. When you’re shopping for a new couch, ask our staff about the different fabric options you have, and how you can best take care of each of them.

These simple rules will get you into the habit of couch upkeep in no time. If you hold yourself to it, your new couch will give you years of comfort and support. But, if you’re still searching for that perfect couch to love and cherish, be sure to check out the options at our showroom! Now that you know everything you need to keep your couch looking and feeling great, we would love to help you pick out a sofa that you’ll love for years to come.