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7 Features that Make High-End Headphones Worth the Buy!

by Ann Ferguson

Headphones come in various types, sizes, and...price tags! But are the more high-end headphones worth the investment? Most would say that you're paying for better sound quality, and that's true. But there are certain aspects that make high-quality headphones worth so much more — and those are the features!

Many high-quality headphones have features that set them apart from standard headphones, with incredible results! From active noise canceling to multiple drivers, check out these features you didn't know could increase the sound quality.

1. Active Noise Canceling

Woman with noise canceling headphones on

Active noise canceling is a feature that has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially with high-end headphones. But there are levels to active noise canceling, and high-quality headphones have the best of the crop—adaptive noise canceling. This noise canceling uses algorithms to detect the noise around you, producing near-perfect noise cancelation!

It matches your environment by evaluating and adjusting for leakage that occurs when you move your head, so you have a non-stop, continuous experience of incredible sound!

2. Sound Control

High-end headphones take volume control one step further. Not only can they allow you to set precise levels — but they also come with different sound settings depending on what type of music you're listening to.

  • Bass Boost Mode: allows those low frequencies to hit harder.
  • Treble Boost Mode: adds extra sparkle to the higher frequencies.
  • Equalizer Settings: lets you balance the frequencies on the track for a crisp listening experience!

With the accompanying app on your smart device, it's much easier to fine-tune your headphones' sound. No more headaches constantly adjusting each and every thing you want to hear!

3. Voice Assistant Access

Man working from home with voice-assistant enabled headphones

Another feature that makes high-end headphones worth it is voice assistant access. With the accompanying voice assistant app, you can easily access music, control settings, and even ask for help without touching a button for a truly hands-free experience. You'll be able to access information faster and hear incoming notifications through your headphones, so only you hear the results!

4. Atmos Support

One of the biggest benefits of high-end headphones is Dolby Atmos support. While Dolby Atmos can work with any headphones, you can't ignore the increased sound quality of high-end headphones. Especially since regular headphones usually require a Dolby app, while high-end ones have Atmos support built into it, you can enjoy the full range of sound no matter where you are.

The 3D soundscape only betters your listening experience, particularly when gaming! You'll be able to hear the bad guys creeping up on you so much sooner!

5. Water/Sweat Resistance

Woman listening to music in the rain

Hi-Fi headphones are filled with incredible sound technology, so it'd be a major bummer if a little moisture were to ruin everything. That's why many of these headphones have water or sweat resistance with a water seal covered in a hydrophobic coating. This ensures that your headphones remain in peak condition even when exposed to the elements!

6. Multi-Point Connectivity

Bluetooth is already a benefit of most Hi-Fi headphones, but multi-point connectivity doubles down on this! Multipoint connectivity lets your headphones connect to more than one device at a time through a piconet (tiny network), where the headphones act as the leader and the audio source is the follower. But multipoint connectivity comes in different tiers:

  • Simple Multipoint: connects to two devices where the audio pauses when one device interrupts the other.
  • Advanced Multipoint: usually used in business headsets, this automatically puts interrupted calls on hold.
  • Triple Connectivity: pairs up to three devices simultaneously and still provides seamless switching.

Some brands will have their proprietary tech that requires using the brand's app to work, so keep that in mind!

7. Multiple Drivers

Woman singing along to music through headphones

If you're looking for superior sound quality, look no further than high-end headphones with multiple drivers. These drivers help separate the low, mid, and high frequencies — allowing for a clearer soundstage, improved clarity, and sonic accuracy.

Most headphones focus on the size of the driver since the bigger the driver, the higher volumes it can produce. This isn't bad; it can still accurately reproduce good sound quality. But with hybrid drivers on high-end headphones, the increased frequency range, and improved overall sound just can't be beaten! There are even headphones with up to seven drivers!

Happy Listening!

So, there you have it — the seven features that make high-end headphones worth the investment! The overall sound quality and durable build are just too good to pass up! So, if you're ready to elevate your headphone listening experience, say no more; Toton’s TV is here!

Have questions? Contact our team! We're dedicated to helping you have the best audio possible!