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9 Common Mistakes That Will Break Your Electronics

by Waverly Wilde

Let’s face it: Electronics, as awesome as they are, aren’t always the cheapest purchases. If you buy a new TV, projector, or stereo system, you want it to last as long as possible.

But mistakes happen. Some of these can be avoided, but some can’t. And for those that can be avoided, sometimes all it takes is a little knowledge to make sure you aren’t accidentally putting your electronics in harm’s way.

So, before you mount your TV over a giant pool with sharks in it, here are some common mistakes that people make that tend to not turn out well for them, or their electronics. Be careful out there!  


1. Always Use a Surge Protector

Any electrical device that is worth money should never, ever, ever, EVER be plugged directly into the wall. You always want to make sure to plug anything expensive into a surge protector before you plug it into the wall. This will help prevent your devices from electrical damage and is step number one when setting up your home electronics. Always.


2. Water+Electronics=

Some things just make sense, and you normally don’t have to explain them to people: Peanut butter and jelly. Filet mignon with aioli sauce. Likewise, most people know that electronics shouldn’t be exposed to water.

But, just because most people know it, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be repeated. Don’t get your electronics wet. Please. For the sake of the children. And your electronics.


3. Candles may set the mood, but they’ll set your TV on fire

Well, somewhat. Candles are great at some things: Giving off light, flickering, and also generating some heat. The latter of those is what will cause your problems.

Sure, it may seem romantic to place some candles on your TV before your date comes over, but it won’t be nearly as romantic when you go to remove the candles only to find out that they have melted into the TV, and actually melted part of the TV frame itself.

Bad candles. Keep them away from your TV and other high-end electronics, no matter how romantic of a mood you want to set. It’s never worth it. Trust us.


4. Animal Accidents

While animals are GREAT and AMAZING and pretty much THE BEST EVER, they can, at times, not play well with electronics. Especially electronics cords.

When possible, make sure that any cords or wires are out of reach, or are at least in an area that animals probably aren’t going to be able to get into. There’s nothing worse than have a new electronics purchase ruined by a frayed wire, compliments of Fido.


5. The best laid plans of mice and men

Sometimes, even the best intentions can have the worst retaliations. Yes, it is a good idea to clean your  electronics from time to time, but how you clean them is just as important – if not more so – than if you clean them.

But, you have to make sure you are cleaning your TV correctly. Do not, under any circumstances, use glass cleaner on your nice, flat screen TV. Paper towels are also a bad idea. Use a soft cloth – even better yet if you can get one that is specifically made to clean TVs. If you have any questions about TV cleaning, stop by [store name] and talk to one of our expert sales associates!


6. Flat isn’t faster

Moving TVs can be a process, and that process only gets harder the bigger the TV gets. And it may seem easier to just lay your TV down flat when moving it to its new home.

One word, with a contraction: Don’t.

Laying your screen flat unbalances your TV, and can lead to cracking or distortion. So, do your TV and yourself a favor, and always transport it standing up.


7. Microwaving Magic

Seriously. Do we even have to mention this one? Don’t do it.


8. Fiery Frolics

Sometimes, a decision before you even plug your TV in can haunt it forever. When you are deciding where to put your TV … don’t put it over the fireplace. The heat and soot from the fireplace aren’t going to play well with your TV. 


9. Projecting projectiles

This was more of an issue in the Wii days, when Wii Remotes were going crashing through TVs.

But, the warning still remains the same: Please don’t throw your remote control, video game controllers, or anything else toward your TV. If you are dancing to “Dirty Dancing” while watching it, make sure your flailing arms are far away from the screen.

Your TV was made to display pictures, not protect itself from canon fire. Treat it thusly.



No matter how much love, care, and attention you give your electronics, though, sometimes devices just become too old to fix. If that’s the case, remember that we always have the hottest electronics for sale, and are here to help you find the best solution for your home today.