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7 Reasons Why People Still Prefer Listening to Vinyl Records

by Ann Ferguson

Have you ever driven past a record store and wondered if anyone still listens to vinyl? It turns out lots of people do, and we're talking more than just your average record collector. Vinyl sales have outdone CDs by leaps and bounds in the past few years!

While the need for CDs has declined in recent years with the various music platforms out there, it still doesn't account for why so many people prefer listening to vinyl records.

So, what are the advantages you can gain from listening to vintage sound? We'll tell you!

1. Superior Sound

Woman enjoying listening to vinyl

In 1887, Emile Berliner invented the gramophone and the first incarnation of vinyl. While the technology to reproduce sound has improved, the records themselves haven't changed very much, and for a good reason: superior sound.

With vinyl, you get an analog sound that reverberates and creates a warm sound you can't find in any other medium. The music and vocals or closer to the way artists sound live, with a lossless format that isn't overly compressed. And most songs are mastered with better dynamics than CD or digital, so you hear more of the dynamic range.

2. Record Culture

Woman combing through vinyl records in a store

You might not think it, but there is a culture you experience once you enter the world of vinyl. Audiophiles have been listening and collecting vinyl for years, forming a connection they wouldn't have otherwise. But this connection isn't just for hardcore collectors or boomers — over 70 percent of the current market are millennials 35 and below!

3. Physical Connection

No doubt you've heard it before, the digital life often cuts us off from tangible connections. But with vinyl, you're physically holding an album with an artful cover design. You're tangibly connected to the music you love so much in a way that digital or CDs simply can't recreate.

4. Vinyl Experience

Two woman listening to record player, vinyls all around

One thing that definitely sets vinyl apart in the best way is the experience. With digital music, it's a matter of a tap of a screen or a click on a computer. But with vinyl, you get to have the experience of sliding the record out from the sleeve, placing it on the turntable, setting the needle on the groove, and then hearing that distinctive crackle.

This process means that listening to music is your main activity, not something you put in the background as you do other tasks. So, you can sit back and soak in every note of your favorite tunes and transport yourself to another world.

5. Owning Your Music

Hand reaching for vinyl albums

Sure, you can download albums to your computer or phone and have a library of mp3's whenever you want, but it's not the same as owning a vinyl record. With vinyl, you don't have to worry about accidentally deleted (or corrupted) files or a streaming platform no longer carrying the artist or album you love.

When you own a record, you'll always have access to your favorite music. And best of all, you only need to pay for it once instead of with a monthly service payment.

6. Longevity

Unlike other media, records can last an incredibly long time. You can even listen to records from the 1930s, and it'll still be good as when it was made. And since a good chunk of vintage music hasn't been converted to digital, records are the only way to fall in love with some of the old sounds.

In a world of fleeting trends and connections, records are one of the few ways you can legitimately connect to the past.

7. Resell Value

Rack of old records

Whether you're organizing your space or your taste in music changes, the resell value of your record doesn't fade. This makes records a worthwhile investment, especially since the technology to listen to them has been available for many decades.

So, if you've inherited your grandparent's vinyl records from the '40s and '50s, don't throw them out! You can sell them for a hefty chunk of change instead, or better yet, give them a listen.

Turn Those Tables

Sure, vinyl records have been around since the 1930s, but they're by no means down for the count. And it looks like they'll be sticking around for even longer. So, if you're ready to change how you've always listened to music, you've come to the right place!

We have the turntables, headphones, and speakers to transport your ears to music nirvana at Toton’s TV! And if you have any questions, give us a ring!