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What’s Streaming in January 2024?

by Nora Jaymes

Welcome to the latest treasure trove of streaming gems! As we shake off the confetti and embrace a fresh start, there's no better way to celebrate than with a brand-new lineup of shows and movies. Whether you're into heart-pounding thrillers, laugh-out-loud comedies, or stories that tug at your heartstrings, we've got the perfect mix to kickstart your viewing journey. So, grab your favorite snacks, claim the best spot on the couch, and prepare to be entertained. Let's dive into the world of endless possibilities and discover what's waiting to become your next favorite binge!

What’s Streaming on Netflix?

  • Bitconned (Jan. 1): Dive into the scandalous world of cryptocurrency with Bryan Storkel's documentary. It unravels the story of Centra Tech, a company born from the ambition of South Florida hustlers. This cautionary tale features candid interviews with co-founder Ray Trapani, revealing the deceptive allure of quick riches in the unregulated crypto market. A true crime saga that exposes the dark side of digital dreams, it's a gripping watch for anyone intrigued by the seductive yet dangerous world of cryptocurrency.
  • Fool Me Once (Jan. 1): Adapted from Harlan Coben's thrilling novel, this series follows a widow unraveling a disturbing mystery after her husband's murder. When a nanny cam captures an impossible image of her deceased spouse, she's plunged into a dark world of secrets and lies. As she digs deeper, connections between her husband's and sister's deaths emerge, leading to a shocking revelation. This gripping tale is a must-watch for fans of intense, twisty mysteries.
  • The Brothers Sun (Jan. 4): Take a look into the criminal underworld where family and crime collide with explosive consequences. Follow the journey of Charles 'Chairleg' Sun as he navigates treacherous rivalries to protect his mother, portrayed by Michelle Yeoh, and naive brother after their father's assassination. This action-packed drama, infused with comedy, delves into themes of brotherhood and survival, making it a riveting watch for fans of intense family sagas and crime thrillers.
  • Boy Swallows Universe (Jan. 4): In 1983 Brisbane, young Eli Bell's life is a labyrinth of chaos with a jailed mother, a mute brother, and a dark city underbelly. Navigating love and moral dilemmas, he embarks on a daring quest to save his mother. This gripping adaptation of Trent Dalton's novel explores brotherhood, love, and unlikely friendships in a world where every choice has weight.
  • Good Grief (Jan. 5): Daniel Levy as Marc, a gay artist reeling from his husband's sudden death. Set against the backdrop of Paris, Marc's journey is one of poignant self-discovery and healing. With friends by his side, he navigates the complexities of grief, love, and friendship, learning to embrace life's unpredictable twists. This heartfelt story delves into the depths of human emotion, showcasing the resilience of the spirit in the face of profound loss.
  • Man on the Run (Jan. 5): Explore the scandalous life of Jho Low, the 'Asian Great Gatsby,' and mastermind behind the 1MDB scandal. His extravagant lifestyle and global embezzlement scheme drew A-list celebrities and led to an international manhunt. This true-crime story unravels a web of greed and deception, showcasing the pursuit of justice against opulence and crime.
  • Break Point (Jan. 10): Filmed throughout the 2023 season, this season catches up with previous standouts like Aryna Sabalenka and Frances Tiafoe, while introducing new stars like Coco Gauff and Holger Rune. The series continues to follow a select group of top tennis players on and off the court as they compete in grueling Grand Slams and tournaments across the globe, aiming for the number one spot.
  • Champion S1 (Jan. 11): In this drama celebrating Black British music and family, Bosco, a UK rap sensation, returns from prison ready to reclaim his fame, while his sister Vita steps out of his shadow to become a performer in her own right. Their rivalry splits the family as they battle for the top spot in the charts. Set in South London, this series is a tribute to the sound that's been the heartbeat of culture, exploring themes of fame, family, and the music that defines them.

  • Lift (Jan. 12): In an audacious mid-air heist, a team of skilled criminals led by Cyrus Whitaker (Kevin Hart) is tasked with stealing $500 million in gold from a passenger plane to thwart a terrorist attack. Masterminded by Cyrus, the crew must navigate unexpected challenges and their own fears to pull off the high-stakes operation. This action-packed adventure brings together a diverse cast, each character contributing their unique expertise to the mission, making for a thrilling and unpredictable journey.
  • The Kitchen (Jan. 19): Set in dystopian London 2040, this British thriller follows ex-Smash-and-Grabber Izi as he navigates a city transformed into a billionaire's playground. When his son contracts a devastating illness, Izi is forced back into the criminal world for a heist that could change everything.
  • Love on the Spectrum US S2 (Jan. 19): The Emmy Award-winning docu-reality series is back, inviting viewers into the heartfelt world of romance and relationships through the eyes of a diverse group on the autism spectrum. This season, new faces and familiar favorites embark on their quests for love, stepping into the dating scene, some for the very first time.
  • Sixty Minutes (Jan. 19): In this gripping German MMA drama, Octavio, an MMA fighter, faces a tough choice: see his daughter on her birthday or lose her forever. He decides to throw his big fight, plunging him into a dangerous world. With only an hour to spare, he battles against time and adversaries, both in and out of the ring.
  • Queer Eye S8 (Jan. 24): Get ready for another heartwarming journey with the Fab Five as they return to invigorate lives with new flavors, fashions, and fundamentals. This season, they continue to spread messages of hope and happiness, tackling interesting challenges in each city they visit.
  • Griselda (Jan. 25): Sofía Vergara takes on her darkest role yet in a crime drama portraying notorious drug queenpin Griselda Blanco. The series follows Griselda's rise to power in the '70s and '80s in Miami, where she builds one of the most profitable cartels and goes head-to-head with the DEA. Known for her ruthless, savage, yet charming nature, Griselda navigates the dangerous world of drug trafficking while raising her sons.
  • Alexander the Great (Jan. 31): Netflix's new series delves into the life of Alexander the Great, focusing on his masterful conquest of the Persian empire. This series combines expert interviews with dramatic reenactments to explore Alexander's ambitious undertakings. Filmed in exotic Morocco, it promises to bring to life the awe-inspiring story of one of history's most legendary figures and his empire that stretched from Greece to Egypt and beyond.
  • Baby Bandito (Jan. 31): Inspired by a notorious robbery in Chile, this action-crime drama follows Kevin, a charismatic skater who falls for Génesis, a privileged young woman. To win her love and give her the life she deserves, Kevin plots a daring heist against a dangerous gang, stealing seven million dollars. Joined by friends, they pull off the crime, turning Kevin into the country's most wanted fugitive.

What’s Streaming on Prime Video?

  • James May: Our Man in India (Jan. 5): Join James May on a 3,000-mile epic across India. Witness breathtaking landscapes and delve into a nation that's both cutting-edge and deeply traditional. Along the way, May immerses himself fully, meeting locals, savoring the food, and embracing everything from kite flying to acting. Guided by knowledgeable locals, he navigates the complexities of a modern superpower with 10,000 years of unique culture.
  • Role Play (Jan. 12): Emma, a suburban wife, leads a double life as a contract killer. Her world turns upside down when her husband, portrayed by David Oyelowo, uncovers her secret. Together, they embark on a series of misadventures, blending their mundane suburban existence with the thrilling, dangerous world of assassins. Starring Kaley Cuoco, this dark comedy delves into the chaos and humor that ensue when two contrasting worlds collide, challenging the couple's marriage and identities.
  • Expats S1 (Jan. 26): In 2014 Hong Kong, three expats' lives intertwine after a tragedy. Nicole Kidman, Sarayu Blue, and Ji-young Yoo star as Margaret, Hilary, and Mercy, each seeking a new life abroad. Based on Janice Y. K. Lee's 'The Expatriates,' the series delves into their complex journey of privilege, victimhood, and identity in a foreign land, revealing the profound impact of their intertwined destinies.
  • The Underdoggs (Jan. 26): Legendary rapper Snoop Dogg stars as Jaycen Jennings, a washed-up professional football player turned youth tackle football league coach, in a raunchy comedy. After a car crash leads to community service, Jennings finds a new purpose in life coaching an unruly team. Loosely based on Snoop Dogg's real-life Snoop Youth Football League, the film celebrates positive values through sports and teamwork. With an impressive cast including Mike Epps and George Lopez, the story unfolds as Jennings reconnects with his past and rediscovers his love for the game.

What’s Streaming on Hulu?

  • Self Reliance (Jan. 12): When a middle-aged man's life takes a thrilling turn after being invited into a limo by famous actor Andy Samberg, he's offered a chance to win a million dollars in a dark web reality TV show. To survive 30 days against global assassins, he can't be alone, leading him to recruit an unlikely team. Starring Jake Johnson, Anna Kendrick, Natalie Morales, and more, this series is a blend of dark humor and suspense.
  • Death and Other Details S1 (Jan. 16): Set aboard a luxurious Mediterranean ocean liner, this murder mystery unfolds as Imogene Scott (Violett Beane) becomes the prime suspect in a perplexing case. Trapped at sea, she reluctantly partners with a detective (Mandy Patinkin) she loathes to uncover the truth. As they navigate a web of deceit among the elite guests and weary crew, every character is a potential suspect. This series blends glamour with suspense in a high-stakes game of trust and betrayal.
  • Superhot: The Spicy World of Pepper People (Jan. 22): Embark on a wild ride into the fiery world of those who live for the heat. This 10-part series (narrated by Ben Schwartz) explores the subculture of chili heads, from elite growers striving to create the hottest peppers to chili eaters chasing the endorphin rush of consuming them. Follow one legendary chili head on a quest to find a pepper that can challenge the world's hottest.

What’s Streaming on Other Platforms?

  • Echo S1 (Jan. 9) - Streaming on Disney+: After her debut in 'Hawkeye,' Maya, also known as Echo, returns to her hometown to confront her past and reconnect with her Native American roots. As she faces the consequences of her actions in New York, she must embrace her community and family to move forward. With appearances from characters like Daredevil, the series promises to delve deep into the street-level stakes of the MCU.
  • Criminal Record (Jan. 10) - Streaming on Apple TV+: A gripping crime drama unfolds as DS June Lenker (Cush Jumbo) and DCI Daniel Hegarty (Peter Capaldi) clash over a cold case with potential wrongful conviction. Their journey is a tense back-and-forth of investigation, social commentary, and morality play. With stellar performances and a story that challenges expectations, this series offers a nuanced exploration of institutional legacies, justice, and the human condition.
  • Ted S1 (Jan. 11) - Streaming on Peacock: The beloved walking, talking stuffed bear returns in a prequel series set in 1993. This comedic event follows Ted and his best friend, 16-year-old John Bennett, as they navigate adolescence in Framingham, Massachusetts. Seth MacFarlane reprises his role as the voice of Ted, with Max Burkholder (Parenthood) playing young John. The series promises to delve into their early years, exploring the dynamics of their unique friendship and the adventures that shape their future.
  • SkyMed (Jan. 11) - Streaming on Paramount+: The drama intensifies as we follow medics and pilots navigating the skies of Northern Canada. Inspired by real-life stories, viewers will witness personal journeys intertwined with thrilling medical rescues. The team faces new challenges, hookups, and heartbreaks, testing their bonds and growth. With a mix of returning characters and fresh faces, the series delves deeper into the complexities of life and survival 20,000 feet in the air.
  • Bluey (Jan. 12) - Streaming on Disney+: You know her and the children in your life probably love her...and she’s back with all new episodes this month! Join Bluey and her family as they explore their world and learn something new everyday.

  • The Traitors S2 (Jan. 12) - Streaming on Peacock: The Traitors is back with host Alan Cumming welcoming a new set of strangers into a Scottish mansion. This season promises more suspense as a cast of all reality TV celebrities navigate the game. In case you missed last season, contestants are divided into 'traitors' and 'faithful,' with one team secretly 'murdering' players and the group at large voting on who to 'banish' in hopes of eliminating a traitor. As they vie for a cash prize, the faithful aim to eliminate all traitors to split the pot, while any remaining traitor can claim it all.
  • June (Jan. 16) - Streaming on Paramount+: This documentary, featuring never-before-seen archival footage and interviews, shines a light on the life and work of June Carter Cash, a five-time Grammy Award-winning singer, comedian, musician, actor, and author. The film aims to tell her story beyond her association with Johnny Cash, highlighting her early stardom and deep contributions to country music.
  • A Real Bug’s Life (Jan. 24) - Streaming on Disney+: Inspired by Disney and Pixar's 'A Bug's Life,' this series takes you where the forces of nature play out on a miniature scale. Tiny creatures rely on amazing powers and extraordinary alliances to survive each day. Narrated by Awkwafina, witness the mind-blowing behaviors and larger-than-life characters of these tiny heroes.
  • Sexy Beast S1 (Jan. 25) - Streaming on Paramount+: The prequel series to the popular British drama explores the origins of Gal and Don’s complicated relationship as they find themselves descending into the seductive madness of the London criminal world during the vibrant and volatile 1990s, while Gal’s budding relationship with Deedee threatens everything in their world.
  • Masters of the Air (Jan. 26) - Streaming on Apple TV+: Produced by Steven Spielberg, this gripping series chronicles the American Eighth Air Force's heroic actions during World War II. Adapted from Donald L. Miller's acclaimed novel, it spotlights the young pilots who valiantly battled the German army in the skies. Featuring Austin Butler and a stellar cast, the narrative weaves a tale of courage, sacrifice, and the intense personal journeys of those involved in aerial combat.

That's a wrap on our latest streaming picks! Remember, the right show is only as good as your setup, so why not treat yourself to an audio and visual upgrade? Picture this: your next binge session with crystal-clear images and sound that puts you right in the action. So, go ahead, make every night a premiere night in your own home theater – and we can help!