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What Are Smart Blinds?

by Ronald Elias

Just because we haven’t yet made it to the sunny months of 2021 doesn’t mean it’s not a great time to talk about smart blinds

Smart blinds are a fast-growing segment of the smart-home industry, giving homeowners another avenue through which they can improve and upgrade their home. Along with other segments of the smart industry, smart shades are helping people all over the world feel more connected and enjoy more of their time at home – which is especially important in the current climate. 

But, what exactly are smart blinds? Will they work with any type of home construction? And what kind of benefits do they bring to your smart home? This week on the blog we are going to answer those questions and take a look at just what all the excitement is about. You might want to get your shades, because this one is going to get a bit ... sunny. 

The Basics of Smart Blinds

Let’s start at the very beginning! What exactly are these smart blinds you’ve been hearing so much about?

Well, much in the same way that other types of smart technology – like smart TVs, smart thermostats, or smart speakers – take traditional parts of the home experience and combine them with interconnectivity and internet connections, smart blinds take the “regular” blinds you know and love and add extra features, including wireless control. 

If you find yourself wasting time in the morning running from windowsill to windowsill to raise all the blinds in your home, or you just never actually adjust your blinds and find yourself continually without enough natural light in your home, then smart blinds are exactly what you are looking for.  

The Benefits of Smart Blinds 

We’ve already mentioned a few benefits, but smart blinds can go a long way to giving you a more convenient home life. Not only can smart blinds be controller via remote – removing the need to actually go over to and mess with the cords on each and every set of blinds – smart blinds can also be controller with voice control, apps, or set on a schedule to operate on their own!

For example, if you wanted to set your blinds to rise to just the right height so the morning sun comes in through your windows and lights up your floor instead of your face, that’s totally possible with smart blinds. You could even program them to do the opposite and lower as the day is done, totally removing the need for you to worry about your blinds on a day-to-day basis!

You could integrate your smart blinds further with your smart home, as well. Instead of fiddling with tangled cords every time you want to lower all the blinds in your living room, you could simply use a voice command – like saying “movie mode” – to have your lights dim and your shades lower at the same time, setting the perfect mood for Hollywood blockbusters right from the comfort of your own home. 

Will Smart Blinds Work with My Home?

This is a very common question, and it makes a lot of sense! Especially if you aren’t in the middle of a new project, construction, or a retrofit, it can be difficult to picture exactly 

The good news is that there are many different types of smart blinds, and yes, you can find smart blind applications that will work both with your current window set up, or that you can install custom to your building and planning needs. No matter how you want to add luxury and convenience to your home, there’s a smart blind solution that can help. 

Of course, we would never recommend adding smart blinds all on your own -- that’s what we are here for! Give us a call or stop by today, and we’d be glad to help you figure out the best way to integrate smart blinds and shading into your smart home. 

Other Smart Blind Benefits 

Smart blinds can also play other important roles in your home life. Smart blinds can help you retain heat in the winter and cool down your place in the summer, providing a great benefit to keeping your home greener and your energy and heating costs low. 

If you are a collector of furniture or paintings, smart blinds can also be used to lower time with the sun to protect all of your valuables from UV rays – which can cause damage to everything from paintings and portraits to photos, furniture, and even rugs and tapestries. 

And really, this is just the start of the difference that smart blinds can make in you and your family’s life. If you are looking for one area to start expanding into in 2021, we can easily recommend smart blinds and shades. 

Smart shades and blinds aren’t all we do, of course – we’re here for you year-round as your experienced local electronics store. Give us a call or stop on by today!