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5 Tips for Maintaining Sound Quality on Portable Speakers

by Lance Jackson

Portable Bluetooth speakers are an easy, affordable technology for distributing music or audio across small indoor and outdoor spaces, often using a phone or tablet. Available in various sizes, most portable Bluetooth speakers include replaceable and rechargeable batteries, and they are must-have devices for music lovers because of their excellent portability, durability and audio quality. The sound quality of a speaker depends upon several elements — including materials, design and execution — and every detail is critical to the final sound production. Importantly, maintaining the sound quality of a speaker requires occasional maintenance.

Woman in a hat and jacket joyously listens and grooves to music on her portable speaker outdoors

Caring for wireless Bluetooth speakers is relatively quick and straightforward, but it is essential to keeping them in tip-top shape. Here are a few quick and easy tips from your local experts at Toton’s TV for maintaining portable Bluetooth speakers to prolong usage and maximize life span:

1. Fight the dust

It’s not just an aesthetic concern — dust is the number-one enemy of speaker performance. In severe cases, excess dust can damage the speakers themselves. To prevent dust, store speakers in a protective case while they are not in use, and clean the speakers to avoid any buildup.

A hideous layer of dust on the speaker grill of a speaker

2. Clean speakers regularly

Wipe the surface of the speakers with a soft, damp cloth to remove any dust. Avoid spraying any liquid cleaners directly onto the speaker’s surface; instead, spray an ammonia-free window cleaner directly on a soft cloth, then use it to wipe away dirt and other particles. Do not clean the speaker with solvents, chemicals or cleaning solutions that contain alcohol, ammonia, or abrasives.

3. Circumvent heavy sunlight

Keep speakers away from windows, outdoor patios in full sunlight or yards subject to direct sunlight. Extended sun exposure can cause loudspeakers to overheat, primarily due to their compact design. A small fan can keep the Bluetooth speaker cool during periods of heavy use or outdoor heat exposure.

A portable speaker sitting in direct sunlight with a beach backdrop

4. Avoid static electricity

Static electricity — the same energy that makes your hair stand on end — can also damage electronics. It’s a fixed electric charge, typically produced by friction, that can cause sparks or cracking. In addition to dust and sunlight, static electricity is a catastrophic enemy to speakers. A buildup in static electricity, typically caused by rubbing two objects together, can burn out a Bluetooth speaker. Simply put, static electricity is when two objects are rubbed together and one object gives up electrons to become more positively charged while the other object collects electrons and becomes more negatively charged.

5. Provide ample ventilation

Make sure there’s adequate airflow around the speaker to keep it cool while it’s in use. Traditionally, audiophiles will have fans blowing on high-end loudspeakers to keep them cool — the same tactic is just as relevant for portable Bluetooth speakers, too.

Woman in a hat and jacket joyously listens and grooves to music on her portable speaker outdoors

One of the great things about Bluetooth speakers is that they can last a lifetime — if they’re cared for properly. A new wireless Bluetooth speaker will come with an owner's manual. In the manual, there will be dedicated instructions for cleaning and maintenance. Follow the specific directions in the manual to help the speaker keep performing well.

Whether you’re looking for a rugged outdoor speaker for the beach or the patio, or you need a refined wireless speaker for portable, multi-room sound, Toton’s TV provides many options for versatile, high-quality speakers. Contact us to learn more about our products and services.